Snowboarding in Zermatt

Zermatt is one of the top ski attractions in Switzerland and for a good reason. You get hundreds of km of slopes, which are very well maintained and kind of exclusive and on top they come with amazing views towards the Matterhorn, the famous peak that is also present on the Toblerone chocolate.

Zermatt is famous for being the highest ski resort in Europe, with a lot of slopes where you can ski all year round; also, it’s famous for the 38 peaks above 4.000 meters (13.100 feet) that come out from the glaciers surrounding them. The pictures below with the mountain peaks and the glaciers, unfortunately don’t have a reference point of comparison so you can estimate the actual size they have. The biggest mountain peak from below is Dofourspitze with an altitude of 4.634 m (15.200 feet) and it’s actually the highest peak in Switzerland. Can you spot it? It’s actually not as prominent as Matterhorn (which has 4.478m, 14.685 feet), so it’s harder to see and also not as spectacular.

One of the two places that you need to visit in Zermatt is the train towards Gornergrat peak, a railway which goes at highest open air altitude that you can reach by train (3.089m, 10.135 ft.) and you can ski or snowboard here the whole day. The second large ski and snowboard area is the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, where from the top of the Klein Matterhorn (3.820m, 12.532 ft.)) you can ski all the way down to Zermatt in one drop, to a descent of 2.200m (7.217ft.), which is the biggest on-piste vertical drop in the Alps. At the bottom of the mountains lays the car-less village Zermatt, where you can get by train. You can leave the car a station before if you plan to drive until there and only do the last piece by train. You get all kinds of experiences here, all year round, from hikes by foot or bike, to paragliding, modern spas and so on so make sure to check their website for the full array of services.

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