Snowboarding in November, Switzerland

The snowboarding season starts early November in the Alps, usually above altitudes of 2.500m (8.200ft). Some of the alpine resorts want to entertain winter enthusiasts and prepare a few slopes on the mountain peaks. The slopes are covered by a mixture of natural and artificial snow, and are usually decent enough for snowboarding or skiing during the weekends (weekends are the only days when it’s open, at least in Switzerland).

I went snowboarding early November this year, to Davos Parsenn, curios to see how the conditions are and also being very excited to a new winter season. Considering I waited a full year for a new snowboarding season, I was very well surprised of the quality of the slopes and the snow. Although outside were 6 degrees during lunch time, the slopes were in good condition and on some places a bit icy. After 2pm, it gets more bumpy and the quality of the slopes is poorer, also due to snow bumps and warm temperatures, especially on the south sides of the mountains.

Here are my conclusions if you are wondering if it’s worth snowboarding in November:

  • open slopes are limited but in decent condition, especially in the first part of the day (up to 1-2pm)
  • resorts are not very crowded and people respect social distancing rules
  • slopes are covered with mixed natural and artificial snow
  • it’s worth to go on the slopes for a weekend during November, longer time you might get bored due to limited slopes

Here is my Strava route if interested in more details.

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